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It started in 2005…

Well, not actually. Nova Hearing Service officially opened in 2005, but the story of owner Silvia Raponi began much earlier while working at other clinics in Scarborough and Oshawa. She greatly enjoyed her work as a hearing aid dispenser, helping others successfully manage their hearing loss, and eventually that passion led her to the launch of Nova Hearing Service.

Running her own service allowed Silvia to set a new standard of care for her clients. Most importantly, she was able to set the pacing– spending as much time as was needed with each client, focusing on training and education, and building trust to better help reach hearing goals.

She later gained certification to test hearing. This gave her a chance to better care for her clients by guiding them and educating them through the whole process, from prescription to assistive devices.

Eventually Nova Hearing Service grew, taking on Hearing Instrument Practitioner Anna and Audiologist Jamie, and while we continue to grow, we remember that the foundation for Nova Hearing Service from the very start has be a client-centered approach, and it’s that approach which will guide us moving forward.

What can a family-owned and operated, local independent do for you?

There are may options for hearing clinics out there. Ultimately, the best clinic for you will be a place where you feel heard and take the proper time to ensure complete care. No marketing nonsense, no pressured sales tactics, no commission. In short, the best clinic for you will be a place where you are the priority, not the sale.

The beauty of a local independent is that our focus is entirely on you. We don’t have big corporate sales quotas that we are pressured to meet, and we’re able to quickly adapt our practices to the evolving needs of our clients. You’re not dealing with a big name or a logo here, you are dealing with us.

But we’d love to hear from you. What do you love about local independents? How can we improve to serve you even better? Drop us a line and let us know!

Take care, Durham, and stay safe!

Meet the Team


Silvia Raponi
Hearing Aid Specialist (Owner)


Anna Raponi
Hearing Aid Practitioner


Jamie R. LeGassie
M.CI. Sc, Audiologist Reg. CASPLO


Claudia Cabral
Office Administrator


Nicole Martin
Office Administrator

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